Wednesday, February 1, 2012

winter mix

nice to be scrubbing phil's out from under my nails again on a regular basis. it's been nice having time for powder days when they come, instead of missing out. being passionate and driven to learn something new. being inspired by the challenge that started as a wager between a couple of locals and believing i'll see it through. excited about getting back to what used to work and feeling like a fool for being influenced by a trend for far too long. watching a friend of mine experience a dream coming true, while another had a heart deeply broken. teaching someone something i am good at, and watching them struggle with it knowing where they will end up. seeing that belief in their eyes when they watch me do it. going it alone, and being motivated by that. missing warm salt water and wave reports. missing tee tee, every day. having a former belgian champion in your home, and discovering he's very human, not a god, despite being worshiped each fall and winter. building mileage and confidence and washing away the pessimism of others. rebuilding my relationship with running, and not taking it for granted. making plans that i can see through, and being excited by them. pedaling to see red fang, die antwoord and jim lauderdale all within a 48 hours of each other and living to tell about it. learning to tell people "no". coming to grips with the grip of social media. surfing in water so cold it makes you hate it. being okay with la nina blessing canada, but not the cascades. coveting a snow bike, like i do every winter. reading something that changes your life. not having anything to say, so not blogging about useless shit.

i'm in a fortunate place.

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