Friday, November 5, 2010

kitten and a coke machine

it started with a screaming kitten behind a coke machine.

i think we found each other at the right time. her, wet and shivering. 3 weeks old with a case of pneumonia. me, 23 and very much outside of myself and concerned with the external first and foremost. her first week was spent at the vets. i felt like even as something so young, she deserved a chance. so every day i signed a form and watched my summer savings account melt away until she was finally healthy enough to come home. home was a small space and a roommate. i never intended upon keeping her. i guess somewhere between bottle feedings, trips to class in my backpack and nights spent sleeping under the covers close i became responsible for someone other than myself. i was trying not to get attached and only called her kitty, because naming her would meant showing everyone around me that i cared. i had been intent on finding her a home; but realized on the day the ad was answered after 14 weeks with me, that i had found her a home when i scooped her up from behind the coke machine. the decision was finalized with a misunderstood look from her as the potential adopter stood in the doorway. "sorry, there's been a mistake. she's not available." and with just like that, kitty became Tee Tee and my greatest friendship began.
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