Thursday, March 24, 2011

post coyote 2 moon

The spattering fidgets of MonkeyBoy on Coyote 2 Moon.

i speak unto you the things i am saying...

13. the bowling ball has a skull in it...

12. headlamps are awesome for illuminating fog and snow.

11. do gridley top chickens have large talons?

10. afro's and cervaza are a great way to top off the sweet single track descent down to howard creek disco party.

9. you wanna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs.

8. it's refreshing to participate in an event where the most competition in play was getting the last hotel room in ojai after midnight on saturday night.

7. yep, kwijiboe dresses like that at every event, even 15 years later.

6. volunteers are the ALL knowing, ALL seeing, glue of this event.

5. until last thursday night, i didn't know they made an XXXXXL thong, let alone that it was suitable to bowl in.

4. quesadilla's make excellent aid station fare.

3. those propeller hats sure do whirl in the wind.

2. anybody else muscle sore from smiling and laughing?

1. "guys, let's remember that it's nights like last night that remind us why we do this."
--except from the soon to be published "the tao of icky ocky"

indeed. ya'll come back now, ya hear.

(howard creek volunteers. photo by blake wood)

take a step back from reading about championships. weekly mileage. prize money. minimalism. maximalism. michael jackson. yukon potato's and folding money gettin stuck to your sweet-n-low and call, tweet, facebook, email or, if you need to simplify, YouTwitFace an event volunteer and thank them. thank them for making your race reports sound so good. thank them for being a catalyst in the epiphany that led you to want to run these kinds of events and spend the time you spend on the trails each year. thank them for every trail they marked. bottle they filled. jacket they helped you put on when you were wet and shivering. thank them for the countless cups of soup, hot and ready to eat at 2 o'clock in the morning. thank them for finding you a place to sit and celebrate after you completed your journey on foot, still seeing to your needs after the task is done. thank them for stuffing your schwag bag. thank them for picking up the gel packet you accidentally dropped while you were slipping into your pain cave. thank them for occasionally risking their lives. thank them for what they've done and thank them for they will do in the future. then. ask how you can join them if you haven't already. do so and maybe one day you can be thanked as well.

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