Friday, March 18, 2011

pre coyote 2 moon

(photo by catherine mataisz)

st. patty's day started off so tame. little coffee in downtown with padre in the town that was built by uncle yvon and the hells angels. tried to wrap my mind around paying 52 bucks to see the jay and silent bob, live. walked to breakfast at patagonia hq and tried not to play hookie by going surfing with the FCD guys instead of talking about shoes and gear all day.

vitamin d with the entire team out at ray miller trail. first shirtless run of the year was not lost on me as a central oregonian. further surfing lure was in place as supertubes was firing right across from the trailhead. this was my view for the entire 4 mile descent off the top of ray miller. beer, socializing, ahi taco's. lashing on the bowling threads for the ride over to the ventura bowling center.

check in. schwag bag. more liquid carbs. size 16 bowling shoes because all of the 11's had been taken. i heard a voice from within telling me to walk over to the ball display. there it was. the skull ball i'd always wanted, staring back at me. no holes? no problem. the guy who drills the holes was too busy making all the food we were consuming. this ball was rolling, now. not waiting to come back to oregon. didn't seem proper to let it sit and watch. the party consumed every lane in the place. teams of 8 rollers on each squad made for a long session and great team bonding. most of us were hoarse by the end. if "ninez" had counted as strikes, we'd have killed it goes. awards. presentations. more schwag. cabbed it home to prepare for del boca vista phase 2 in ojai starting at lunch, tomorrow.

to be continued...
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