Friday, May 15, 2009

flow (43)

picked up the dusty whips and took a deep sniff. dust, manzanita and feet. i like it. reluctance to throw them back on until my return south, but the dust on my fingers and wiped on my shorts were just too much to deny. there is silence in a late night run. my watchband was still a little sweaty from the earlier run with lewdogg and craig, but who cares about a little dampness. took a minute despite the short break to smooth out and find the rhythm. the bark welcomed me. beady eyed raccoons and kitty cats out looking to supplement their cat chow with large pounces and anxious crouches. the demons drudged up earlier and i had to put them down. this run is for *me* and for no other reason. you feel the flow on the bark. when your going good, you glide. when your recovering, it feels like running through a hamster cage. the cadence was much different when i hit the pavement for the first street crossing. flow. rhythm. under the street light with the first season's gypsy moths fluttering around the orb waiting for death from above. i hear a door shut and see a lighter flicker, then the smoke. passing car illuminates the eyes of the deer. they let me pass in the darkness close, frozen and waiting for the slightest deviation from the path they have come to trust. if you keep your flow, they will keep theirs. it's unspoken between man and beast. most of these deer have seen me before and know my path. they know they are safe. darkness on gae and supergae. through the mini-park with two high schoolers trying to decide which base to land on without getting seen. youth and lust. the daydreams begin and just like that i'm back home for the 3rd shower of the day. beer with a water chaser. compression socks and kitties sleeping on my lap. the awesome midnight run.
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