Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kamp v 3.0

the temple of toughening. kamp v 3.0. shorter stint this year, but the integrity of quality was maintained. word has gotten out and many now choose to join the phenomena known as "oregonians" and our training runs. the only thing that seemed to be missing this year was the heat and ajw's drooling. we had the most ripped 50 year old on the face of the planet join us for all 8 days and left kamp fitter, but still unable to burp and his iq was diminished by 14 points. word is he did manage to pack on a solid one pound increase in muscle mass while he was down there. this may have been the biggest accomplishment to come out of kamp.

this year served a solid purpose for me. i had some points where i had some rough training runs in the past. no demons in play this year and i saw some ridiculous splits for some sections. perceived speed helps. kinda like mountain bikers riding moto in the offseason to get better reaction. i left stronger. hungry, ready for more. i'll get my wish in a few weeks. for now, we have 52 days...
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