Wednesday, May 27, 2009

buddha belly

remix of a party not yet attended. kalifornication is in full affect. i have road rage. i used the little bottle of conditioner that the hotel provides. i found the radio stations to be two parts country, two parts hispanic, two parts christian, 4 parts hip-hop/top 40 with the emphasis on the boom, boom, boom. take 5 songs, rinse, repeat. the air stinks here, but it's dry and allergy free. the canyons are close, it's 91 degrees and i'm still drinking coffee.

let it be said that the best mexican food i have ever consumed was purchased out of a small camper that looks like something mickey rourke would cook meth in. let is also be said that i have yet to spend more than 5 bucks on any of this food. i don't know how it's done, but i'm gettin while the gettin's good.

caught a slight glimpse of my potential future. the old skool who's who of states long past were camped out in carol's yard in michigan bluff pouring margarita's and gu2o on saturday during the robinson to the river classic with a few bro's. sunday i got the chill in their lazy presence comparing yoga poses, injuries and beer consumption all while watching someone with a tapeworm lasso-ing lizards.

the avett brothers fuckin layed it down at the mcdonald theatre this past week. i'm pretty sure i attended the first show they ever charged admission for close to 10 years ago. i am also pretty sure i was one of the few who were actually still there at the end of the show. when a blue grass group covers a pseudo punk version of cypress hill's "i wanna get high"...your gonna clear the rotary club out fairly quickly. in the cackalak, you don't fuck with folks's blue grass. i've been a fan ever since. put that in your can of dip and chew it.

there's more, but i'll stop here.

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