Saturday, March 21, 2009


i knew i was in springfield when the clapped out camaro narrowly missed me by a whisker and i felt the cigarette butt hit my shoulder and fall to the wet pavement with a hiss. two wheels get very little love on this side once you cross under i-5, i contemplated throwing the car a double bird, but that would be as cliche as their juvenile act. i went ahead and did it anyway, then executed a well timed drop into a park to get to the spot. i was on extended lunch time hookie to meet with a couple of bro's about a project. backside gate entrance, bypass of the old guard dog who doesn't have much to say anymore and i lean the whip up against the shop space with the others. mid day coffee, steel tubing, geometry, dropouts, voodoo donuts and punk rock on vinyl make up the next hour of talking. all while standing trying to find a comfortable place to lean in a space filled with lathes, mills and presses. to say the crowd was knicker rich would be an understatement. it was like you had to be cut off just past the knees just to get into the clubhouse. there is some good stuff shaking out and the vibe was very good when i dipped back out the gate and back to the friendly confines of tracktown usa.

late edit: (98) tomorrow lewdogg, ticer and i are embarking on my first spring epic long run of the training season. last year for me, it was the triple bitch, this year it comes a month later in the form of a path mostly travelled before on two wheels. what a pleasure it is to be able to do this, much less be excited about the possibility of doing it. the barn is empty and i still have lots of hay to lay in.

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