Monday, February 18, 2008


a much needed day in the sun after a week of highs and lows. started the week anew with something of a run in thanks for a federal holiday. presidents day? sure.

high pass road outside of junction city is known as the gateway to western lane county's wine country. to gun shooters, trash dumpers, meth heads and rednecks it's "the slit". to ultrarunners and freeroaders, it's known as the triple bitch.

hard data: 25 miles. lots of climbs and descents, the highlight coming when the course takes you up the 1000 meter hill with 1000 feet of climbing three times. the name of this climb? you guessed it. the bitch. hence the name of the run. other names were thrown out by lord balls, including baby bitch and coma hill. hard to curb your enthusiasm with such terms of endearment, and the concerned look on bili's face, but i managed.

this was the first western states specific prep run of the season. in all, we covered close to 6,000 feet of climb and descent in just under 3 and half hours and it felt about like i expected it would. the sections in the sun were beautiful. coming around a corner to snow in the road was a treat. heard an estimated 50-60 shots from guns. were warned of cougars in the area, saw 3 four wheelers, and were privy to one guy in his datsun 4x4...(yes, datsun) trying to get himself stuck in a mud hole while his two cronies dressed up like fitty cent stood aside and watched...well. i guess it helps to have someone to push you out when the inevitable happens.

happy presidents day. if that was not an example of what democracy and freedom are about, i dont know what is...(cue national anthem)

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