Tuesday, March 31, 2009


deeps thoughts and cold beer.

the ebb is building. chatter is increasing and workouts and huntin are being attended with quicker steps and larger crowds. fact is, fitness is finding us without discrimination. whether joined up or solo, our little group is getting it done. kongathon, quad bitch, mckenzie. they all mean affirmations and larger numbers that add up to a quiet confidence that helps us to believe we are capable of going beyond where we have been. mostly, it just feels good to be on the path.

moment of clarity came while flowing back down the mckenzie river trail. i popped out onto buck bridge and found a large group of my mountain biking friends in the middle of a regrouping. slaps and neck pops for the bro's, knuckles for the douchebags, smiles for the ladies, chin scratches for the pooches. i realized that not a single pang of jealousy was coursing through me at the thought of missing that trail ride with them, and i love mountain biking. i was wet. cold. tired...and absolutely loving it. splashing through puddles and swooping turns. gliding up hills and moving with the flow of the trail. i share the mountain biking. this is my own. this time. this flow. i thought it fitting when i halted at the end of the trailhead to a break in the clouds. warm, bright sun and steamy asphalt. the scene reflected my mood and my spirit. not even the smile reflected back at me from the puddle can capture the words.

oh, and the steel you see above? more on that, later.
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