Thursday, September 11, 2008

the illusion of progress

relaunch was subtle. cleaned all the "old" away. washed and gave away all the worn shoes of the spring and summer. stared at a bare rack with a single pair of trainers now in place. placed a small goal on the horizon to keep some focus upon.

managed to motivate before the sun peaked over the butte this morning. it was light out, but i couldn't see the bulb just yet. sat out on the back porch watching tee tee eat grass, sipping coffee and listening to the smooth rhythm of g love's blues music causing the head to bob and the motivation to awaken.

took to the bark for an hour. spent the first 20 minutes feeling out how weird it was to run again and do a "damage assessment". turns out i'm still in pretty good shape and the flow returned quite easily. back to the car for some long, deep stretching. ducks quacking at the pond, sprinklers watering the beautiful grass, river flowing by.

i didn't miss running. this was what i missed. this is why i started back up.

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Meriwether said...

nicely said brother. it's the places it (running, cycling, fill in the blank) brings you and the experience therein that is what it's all about.