Monday, October 6, 2008

dora lives!

in comparison, my sabbatical from the blog can be attributed to living rather than existing. i've been at the core of it. i have heard much, be listened to little. the days of sun and clear weather are fading. the waves on the coast are rising and the dirt high up is beckoning to be enjoyed before the beautiful white powder falls. why we wait till the end to cram it all in escapes me. i understand in a demented way that this is part of balance. like a bear gorging itself before it's winter sleep. it's just what we do.

wednesday of this past week brought a soulful and evolved former local of lives past as tift sashayed into town. she walked out, surveyed the 45 or so of us in gathered to see her. beckoned everyone up front and sat down and played her heart out. stunning. i think everyone in the building left that night a fan of her if they were not already. three days later and i am two rows back from wednesday as chris thile and edgar meyer landed upon the scene for a very unique show. i have seen chris writhing on stage at merlefest covering britney spears toxic to the horrified looks of central carolina bluegrass fans. to see him on the mandolin playing bach with edgar and looking so polished shows just how diverse this cat is. he plays many rolls, very, very well.

hope everyone is well...
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