Friday, September 5, 2008


clinging to an ideal here.

read words that hit awfully close to home. i mentioned a broken heart in my only thoughts on the subject, but the feeling lingered and finally ground me to a halt at the end of july. my running clothes have sat clean and folded in the drawer, except for a few night runs where sleep escaped me, i have not partaken in awhile. you can call it many things. i was asked recently if i was just "burnt out" and knew instantly that was not it. it was an emotional heart break that eventually crept into my mind and my spirit and manifested itself physically. i have felt it before and fought it...this time, i recognized it. acknowledged it. it's lingered a bit and seems to be ready to move on. if there are a 12 steps to this process, i don't know which number i am on, but it's healing is taking shape.

moving along.

rode with carl out of town yesterday on his round trip return to the east. he managed to get from boise to the coast, then segway back here for a day at crater lake before departing via the willamette valley scenic bikeway. his plans were going to put him through the columbia river gorge before heading southeast. godspeed, minister of the moustache. it was good having you here.

fall signals football for most. for me, it's a rededication to the local music scene. celebration of my berf on erf comes with a mic check one, two, three

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carl said...

i am happily back in boise, ready for recovery....rear bicycle tire blew out (casing torn in multi-spots) with 70 miles to go to Boise....left the bike with farmer Roy in Payette, ID and ran it in....from 4am saturday til noon on sunday it was 200k of riding followed by 100k of running/walking. GLAD to be home. the 'stasche plays!
enough thanks cannot be muttered for the hospitality. this was an adventure for the ages!
full story to follow...