Monday, August 11, 2008


floating through a late evening run. streets are calm as taking to the neighborhoods to visit humanity through filtered eyes. strode past houses with flickering tv's and open windows bellowing the music of the olympics. cheers, jeers and know it all announcers. looking up at moths dancing in the streetlights. the moon is making a comeback and starting to share illumination. fled the scene and took to the silence of the trails. clipped on the headlamp and startled the deer feeding on the berries near the trailhead. sought to erupt out atop the butte and take in the scene. rewarded. calmed the mind and the breathe and flew into my descent. emerged in the town, again to hear the updates of men's gymnastics from the open windows of houses seeking fresh air. passed a house cat pouncing on imaginary movements in the grass. found the street where i reside and shut it down. went into a stretch and saw the patterns forming on the concrete from the sweat dripping off the chin. tried to draw a little chicken, but it ended up headless. kitty in the window, watching.
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