Friday, August 8, 2008

fire and metal

it's sat in various stages of assembly for close to 11 months. i went into the first tubeset with impatience thinking that my one previous frame build under a very watchful eye could easily be duplicated. i was wrong. i realized very quickly i had had a lot of help and that help was not around to do it for me this time around. so it sat. machined, milled and ready. waiting. into the jig went various repairs of old steeds. cracks. dropout conversions. more brass and higher heat. more to clean up, but when it was clean they were starting to get smoothe and beautiful.

working with fire and metal has had me into the catacombs of hells bells and hematoma's. it's a very small part of what i do, but when the chance comes up i leap towards it. more than a few times this year fire and metal have sent me out the backdoors of the shop on two feet to soothe my inner demons and reclaim rhythm because the cursing and wrangling at either my impatience or ineptitude were taking a toll. that has all since passed.

i dusted off the box where it has sat. time to take the lines and numbers on the sheet and transform them into a ride. fire and metal.

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