Monday, February 25, 2008


waxing the nostalgia. long nap has me living on west coast time while the sun is deeply down. awake and alert and inert. north carolina spring time and mountain air has me thinking about "back in the day" a good bit. reflection is part of life. you have to know where you have been to know where you are going. mistakes. good decisions. changes that needed to be made in your life to get your shit together. some lessons are harder to learn than others.

other than subcommandante, i have never logged more miles with anyone than my old friend, randy. this was the time of year when hopes and dreams were born anew and the task of finishing off that winter base was at hand. i was looking through an old training log and it seemed like his name was listed in just about every entry. thousands of miles, people. he was great because he was seeking and not afraid to use his body as an experiment of one. i had already been brought lydiard. he taught me to interpret what lydiard was writing and expressing and finding a way to make it work for myself. looking through the numbers at the philosophy of the thing. he was such an internal guy while prepping for external results. he seemed to always discover stuff before anyone else did. he showed me dupont state forest before it was ever a state forest. i read the training entries and can recall the memories of the day like they took place this morning. i remember him showing me stones lakes and all the singletrack in sherwood forest. it got really nostalgic reading about those same trails recently in again to carthage. he shared freely. gave often and helped me to understand what a gift flow is.

things change and people grow apart for various reasons. if you read this, my old friend. thank you.

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