Monday, March 17, 2008

oh quads, where art thou?

it was surreal driving out to goodman creek road today without the two wheeler in the back of the truck. this route is one usually enjoyed at speed. log rides. lots of pumping and skipping to hold speed. something i have been awaiting the snows to release to me all winter long.

but. this is march. the path this spring means two feet get to play out here, not two wheels. 5 hours. one burrito, 7 bottles of fluid and lots of gels, bloks and pretzels later, my quads were shot. my logbook had an additional 30 miles in it and my legs had 8700 feet of climbing and descending. equal opportunity abusers both ways. the views were just breathless. coming to the top of hardesty, the sun was melting the snow and ice off the tree tops of these massive douglas firs and it was raining chunks of debris around me like ash after and eruption. the sun shining through the trees the entire time.

it felt good to be back out here, however you decide to roll.

the trembling in my legs tells me it's gonna be a sheafs stout kinda night. g'day.
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