Friday, February 15, 2008

velo valentina

strange goings on. not a general fan of v day. i believe if you truly love some one, you don't need a special day in the calender to point that out to your significant other. every day should be v day. that said. zooming back from the south hills after another ridgeline night run. lord skinwall was bringing me down the road at quite a clip. frosty night made worse with the speed. the fingers were numb in the robster craws. the night was crisp and so were the legs despite a tougher than usual recovery run and a fantastic threshold workout yesterday. i suddenly found myself in the middle of a velo valentines parade right down the middle of my ride home. lots of pink and red outfits. tandems. horns. bells. boombox bike. i slowed my roll and fell in, shutting off my headmounted lithium ion illumination. grabbed a kazoo from the stoker on a pink tandem with christmas lights hanging off of it and joined the celebration. two blocks and a turn in at the statue of ken. i resumed my journey home before being sucked into thier own little electric kool aid acid test. what are the chances of me being right there at that moment?

that is flow.

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