Thursday, May 17, 2007

the dogfather

take your dog to work day is everyday for the dogfather. see this dude almost every morning on the commute. pooch even has a little yellow rain slicker hat he wears when it pours. he rides in the milk crate and enjoys the commute. brings a smile to the face every time i see them. it's infectious. i thought about asking the names of rider and pooch, but the dogfather leaves an air of pimp in my mind. so i'll leave things at that.

0j0 is seeing to my mind and my body. feeling good about the work that is being done. millenium falcon is tempting me daily with coffee from peru. this dude left work to bring me some today just so i could be one of the first to sniff it out of the box. that's a funny guy. junior dick 3000 just got his new 69'er from Trek. He's been talking shit about this thing since i moved here. dawn patrol in the a.m. to see what this thing is about. it shore is purty. he's had his deposit on it since july of last year and he has been waiting and waiting. he's like a virgin who's about to have his cherry popped. i hope it's all it cracked up to be. he got a pretty good deal on it. i think he's about $1500 in the hole on it, plus he ordered a carbon switchblade because he has read stuff he does not like about the maverick fork. he had to buy the bike complete, so the fork was included. i'll shoot some photos of the a.m. shakedown and let him guest blog the impressions. the early line from jimmy the greek has 3 to 1 odds on jd3 not being as happy with his purchase as he thought he was going to be. too much talk and expectation.

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