Monday, May 21, 2007

dimple hill hippies

(Top row: Old Growth, Pakaloco, Crystal Meth, FarOutMan, First, Aid)
(Bottom row: Amethyst, Moon Unit, Wind, Land)
invasion of the dimple hill aid station commenced at the Mac on saturday. hippies were on hand to provide food, drink and drop bags for all those competing in the foot race. we also offered up a little "love in" in the vw van and some is oregon after all. we managed to get junior dick 3000 and the falcon out to join the crew. they wore matching red shirts from a mountain bike festival, so we named them first and aid. interesting to watch them mingle with the skinnies. wind came through on the music of a hippie era and the patchouli soap. land brought the drum, the crushed velvet and her vw van. i contributed some prayer flags. the brownies were not provided by the lord of brownies, who on this day masqueraded as faroutman, but rather amethyst. lots of smiles, dancing and we made sure that nobody filled their own water bottles at this station. we didn't just want to be the most themed aid station, we wanted to provide memorable service as well. i was not around for the post race throw down, but early return indicate that business was good and positive feedback was volunteered by all. good shit. i had lured the dawn patrol crew out to the macdonald forest with promises of singletrack slapdown on two wheels for afterwards, so we took full advantage of a beautiful day to try to break jd3K's new bike. the day was perfect as got to see the falcon go over his handlebars not once, but twice. the outfit i chose for the aid station got some interesting looks as I ripped through the trails on the monkey with only a helmet, gloves and shoes added to the ensemble. like ice cube said, i had to say it was a good day. Posted by Picasa

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