Saturday, May 12, 2007

meditations in green

cool and wet today...overcast from the git go. slept like a hibernating bear. i really think my body was responding to mother nature. the schizophrenia of pacific northwest weather makes for some daily surprises. this latest change was reflected an inner yearning for solace.

since NASCAR was on a rain delay, it was time to seek meditation in green. ridgeline for thick ferns and soft singletrack. had the place to myself. ran right along the cloud line, dipping in and out of the mist. kinda rad. appreciate the gift of this, without a doubt. gentle thumping and reduced workload to bring the balance back to the legs. the fatigue of the task is slow to dissipate, but is leaving me and the motivation is coming back in slow roars. chilly and wet on the drive back, wind picking up. inside brewed some of the fresh spearmint i poached that was growing wild on the bike path and brewed it up in my french press. mmmm; the rain hitting the windows hard now. brought out the yoga mat and bolsters for one who has flexibility envy. put on a cd that "talks" you through a 1 hour ashtanga routine. i am familiar enough with the poses to play along without any issues.

i think the yoga has been whats missing. part of that balance that has been neglected.

meditations in green.

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