Thursday, May 24, 2007


loving the extended day light. attempting to cut back on the coffee as part of the purity, so anything to keep the ferocity at bay is welcomed. dialed up a drive to single track to get some shoes muddy after playing with powder coat and bead blast all day. mckenzie has become my church for such things. simple, relaxed single track that seems to be locked into its own ecosphere. run off from the winter snows is high right now, so the waterfalls that you don't even take notice of during the dry months are puking out of the sides of the mountains all along the river. easy to breathe deep here. rarely do i catch this place with a crowd on it. the trail elves have been out here and most of the blow downs have been cleared away and order has been restored. it's hard to run gentle out here. i seem to find myself mindlessly flying along the paths every time i come alone. perhaps this speaks to the physical and spiritual purity that i am mindful of at this moment. Posted by Picasa

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