Sunday, June 23, 2013


Michigan Bluff Social Club photo by Marianne Wedellsborg

one of the best things about the taper is being able to catch up on things you have been meaning to attend to. i feel like this journal is one of those things. i have a lot i could write about, but the pending run from squaw to auburn on the western states trail is mostly what is on my mind.

excited to be heading to squaw tanned, strong, healthy. i have legs to run. i'm not going to spend a lot of time focusing on what i wasn't able to get done. i have experience on this trail and i know what i know. the weather is looking very similar to 2009 and for that, i am grateful. i know the lessons i learned on that day and i get a chance to bring that experience back to a course and an event i love.

this year is special in many ways. my good friend, mentor and long time training partner took over as race director this year and it's an honor to be able to participate in his first go at the helm. i know, first hand, the passion he brings to this race and his unique perspective as a long time participant in this race cannot be understated. he knows what we are in for. i haven't had a lot of days of healthy running this year, but over 20 of those days were spent on the course and most of them with the queen. there is something very different about her running this year and i'm excited for her race. it was very cool to bring back the traditional michigan bluff training kamp v 7.5 this year the miles shared with Q were a big highlight to this short and sweet build up. i'm also excited to be able to share the race with a brother in spirit, meriwether. he and his family of wahoos and guppies have made foresthill their new home and he's been exploring the trail via two wheels a good bit this spring putting names and experiences to places we've talked about. whit will be part of my crew, headed up by dirty steve. i coudn't be in better hands. lastly, this year i was fortunate enough to gain entry into the race via an aid station spot courtesy of carol hewitt and the michigan bluff social club. if you have run through michigan bluff, you have run by the house as the aid station sits at the edge of her front yard. it is an honor to be able to represent her at this race. the biggest anxiety about being injured all winter and most of the spring was not getting a chance to honor the gift of her entry. it was fitting that that injury resolved itself while staying in her house and i was able to kick off this crazy buildup to get ready for this race. i believe in the magic of the michigan bluff and the western states trail and i look forward to celebrating that in 5 days. see you in squaw.  

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