Thursday, May 16, 2013


"it's not just some place," he says. "not some piece of ground. it's a way of comprehension, one of many paths available to our minds. you can't help having internal dialogue out here. you just can't help it. no wonder people keep away from places like this. this is the last thing they want, a completely undistracted internal dialogue" dirk,  from the way out.

the story is getting tired of being told. i feel like i'm always "coming back" from something holding me down. i needed to change the dialogue. the tune. the destination. suddenly, open eyes. fresh air. sunshine. i'm breaking every rule we've been conditioned to believe to be true. crash course doesn't do it justice. i believe this isn't a return to the same old cycle, but the evolution of that internal dialogue. let's see where the path leads. this time, the journey is about snapping the fuck out of it.

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