Thursday, August 16, 2012

searching for master fwap

took a minute to make sure the foundation was strong before i started building with the opportunity of the next three weeks in mind. this isn't my game six, just a touchstone that lay before me. this journey hasn't been specific, but rather about restoring my relationship with motion. chuck jones talked about rhythms and vibrations he felt when he was on the trail. moments that come to you when your at your weakest, your strongest. it was a bit of a haters ball from the outside when i said it all with a straight face. hard not to take personally, but it'll make it all that much more satisfying while i'm seeing it through.

the physical demands of the events commanded my respect and preparation. i don't know if i got it right, but i believe in the steps i have taken. i didn't take the easy, comfortable, proven path. i have been down that road and i know what that feels like. i think the balance has been there, with respect to what is before me. i've taken in more summit views this summer than ever before. i've found paths up hillsides that have since become trails because of my repeated footsteps upon them. i've learned to be efficient. i've discovered when to float and when to push. i've gotten comfortable with not being what i thought was, myself.

i'm excited and ready to see it all through. 162 plus miles of cruising on foot through two sets of mountains, 20 days apart. waldo because of who involved. wasatch because of who isn't involved, to be a stranger in a strange land. searching for master fwap

"it takes a hundred miles of love to heal a mile of pain. i never say goodbye to the scene and i never blow out a flame" -ben harper

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