Tuesday, August 21, 2012


what's in a plan, anyway?

it all was going so smoothly. then a hitch, then a grab. then i couldn't walk, much less run. so i limped. thankfully, i was so far ahead of the next runner that i was allowed to process this situation in peace before having to deal with what was at hand. first, i tried to fix it. palpation, popped electrolyte caps thinking maybe it was cramping related. tried to stretch, which was no go and a stupid idea. sitting didn't make it any better. i quit the sport. i screamed. i shed a tear, then, got over it and realized while swatting mosquito's off my skin that this was not a conclusion, but a moment. sure, my race on the day was done. my hamstring and calf on one leg not really wanting to function. i asked my questions...was i trying to do something unreasonable? did i miss something? i had no answers because the bases were covered. i am prepared for this. i am ready. i am excited and focused...so what is this?

so what now?

like a drama, this was a twist i didn't see coming. i wonder how it'll end. 

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