Monday, December 5, 2011

puglsey love

Targhee Snow Bike 11-27-11 from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

i sent his article to the local nordic mafia and i could almost hear the panic attack happening on email. no tolerance what so ever. i have always had a crush on the original purple puglsey. finding a regular winter loop would prompt me to pull the trigger. cheaper than trying to build my own, for sure. thanks to the grand puba of fat at surly for turning me on to this article.


Meriwether said...

that rules! It just looks like SO much fun, effortlessly cruising the corduroy...
We can't even get a short dog loop at Eldora here in I'm pretty sure my email to them on this will get shut down too but gotta give it a try!

Scott said...

isn't that rad! sad about it. i'm about ready to buy my own groomer and start doing this shit myself. What's a Bombardier 400 cost?