Thursday, December 1, 2011


we don't get a recipe card with favorable experiences laid out with guarantees down to the last tsp. we have to make choices and live with them. some play out, like procrastinating on getting into that yoga class that turns out to be exactly what the body needed on that day. sometimes they don't, like the 8 mile pedal home when it's 38 degrees and raining and you forgot to pack anything that had any chance of keeping you warm or dry. both experiences are equal in that they leave lasting impressions, but also equal in that we will probably get to experience them, again. they are not singular.

the balance of the seasons. the days are short. the single track is a little harder to find, but all the trails are open. making choices on what to do with free time and trying to not feel obligated or guilty towards one particular discipline. i love to run year round. but, i love the fact that i don't have to if i don't want to. i prefer time with friends, outdoors, over a indoor henry lightcap run on the treadmill just so i can put a digital number in my training log. i don't own a picture of myself on treadmill, yet i have thousands of me playing outside. it's cool to have a beer and sit by the fire. a ski with your gal. a slow snowshoe walk with an vintage warrior of seasons past, who probably was a a lot like yourself back in the day and is just grateful for the chance to get outside again, safely. balance out your spirit with your mileage, so when you go to that place of focus, numbers and daily totals. you won't lose sight of why we really live the way we do.

in the meantime. bonne chance to those who have tickets to play the participation lottery at your favorite nationwide runcations. win or lose, have a beer and celebrate the dream of it all.

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