Thursday, November 18, 2010


not a tremendous amount of words to say. actually started up writing an old friend with paper and stamp. pen pal style. i forgot how much fun that was. we do so much with email and blogs that good old fashioned letters and post cards have gone by the wayside. i have a hermit in tucson who "checked out" a few years back. cat even owns a dial telephone. patagonia said "live simply" and this dude took it personal and very much to heart. i got a letter in the mail from him. nice break from the bills, junk mail and mail order catalogs. something to that.

snowing as i type this. big flakes. my running gear is thawing out on the drying rack. headlamps really light up the flakes and make it seem like your world is only 3 feet deep. i stumbled and slid through the night run tonight. i started huntin, eugene style, solo. miss the group i used to hunt with. things are different up here, for sure. that dynamic is only one of them.

(nights of huntin's past. hoodie run or a convening of the competition committee?)

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Craig Thornley said...

Monkeyboy, I went huntin' last night. Not the same without you.