Monday, March 22, 2010


(jedi section of alpine trail. 68 degree day in march @ 4700 ft. looking up while waiting...i live here)

old words. i think the beauty of good advice is in it's timelessness. it's never dated if the mind and the spirit are ready to "hear" it and follow it. there is a lesson in finding myself back in this place once again. some cycles should never be repeated, but then again, comeback is a word in our vocabulary. you have to know where you have come from to know where you are going.

I'm ready when you are. You don't have to impress me. I want to help you get from where you are to where you want to go. We'll schedule a program to get you there. You don't have to come to me fit, but it is best if we're healthy. I can't judge how much something is bothering you or whether it is progressing at a reasonable or acceptable rate. The best thing is to make sure you're feeling alright without repercussions or remnants of the previous trouble.

When you're healthy, the work will be able to pile up quickly and we'll be alright. We can go from unfit to fit with solid and well planned training. We can't go from injured to healthy with a training program. Point is you have to be healthy before we worry about getting fit. So, take your time to get healthy. When you're healthy we'll get moving toward getting fit.

As an ultra runner (if you want to be a good one and have a long career) then you have to show patience. To perform your best and to maintain your health and longevity, you have to be smart about what you're doing and also methodical. There are lots of guys who over race who will never reach their potential. There are lots of mileage guys who are more centered on the numbers than the performance. Being patient and having a good plan will outdo those other styles. You only have to answer to yourself. Stay away from blogs and reading crap about how hard and how much people are training. Most of it is crap. What is best for you is what is planned to be best for you.

We'll start when you say. Glad you're seemingly putting some healthy time behind you. You may not be where you want to be, but I always say "You gotta start somewhere".

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