Wednesday, March 3, 2010


a few more sunny days than rainy days. blooms and buds. grass needs mowing. there is a smell on my morning commute that tells me the change is here. i find myself walking outside to sit in the sun instead of staying focused on tasks indoors. equally, i find myself enjoying the humid fog of night, riding around after everyone is asleep.

i'm getting signs from all around me in the things i read, the folks i talk with. music streaming. links being forwarded. chance encounters that all point towards this inner itch. first workouts on the bark taking ginger steps, remembering the memories of the journey past taken. had turkeys in my backyard a few mornings back...the cat just staring, unable to comprehend the presence.

thinking about mt. tam in july. north umpqua in may. colorado in august. friendships, fires and nights under the stars. sharing pints in pubs i've not yet sat. vista's, views and dust from other states being banged out of my trail shoes or wiped off the visor on my helmet. sharing the physical and spiritual connection with the itch that comes with spring. sweet tides...
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