Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pass hunting

now you see it...

now you don't.

precarious. the snow season. keen on a ski and silence.

the thawing that, which was barely here.

wanted to get it while the "getting" was good. excuses could mount for more additional weeks waiting for things to be "better" or plush. fact is, even the snow in whistler sucks right now. i've chosen to miss enough days already. it was time.

solace. warmth. lunch.

it was nice because we cut the north side tracks for the loop, the folks inside cut the south side. both groups had excellent timing and shared space for a moment. idle ski talk from my single serving companions for the moment.

brightening up. the icy slush from the rain made it slick in spots, but it was better than no skiing at all.

fading out. along with the season if something doesn't change soon. yet all in all, a good day.

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Meriwether said...

very nice tracks. Glad the snow is finally coming to your neck of the woods and the 10th Mtn's are getting some attention. It's likewise DUMPING here right now. What the heck happened to that forest btw?

Scott said...

the sticks have been idle far too much this season. it's been crazy. this was the first good ski i've had since early november!

the forest. yea. cigarette out the car window from a tourist caused that.

glad to hear your getting some snow. still lots of days left to the season.