Wednesday, August 6, 2008


the location is a poorly kept secret that is protected by the effort it takes to get to. no parking lots. no parkway leading to the entrance. no farmers market vendors. no signage. the word is passed along like a treasure map's secret.

choosing to take the journey leaves you on hallowed ground. these bushes were planted here by dreamers a long time ago in a century where gold and a fresh start were on the mind of many. the harshness of the area took or drove off all but the berry bushes. they remain and thrive. running on foot, you travel lightly, eat your fill and thump trail in return. you could hike, but the round trip would require an overnight stay. two wheels seems to be the best option. first attempt, the contents were loaded into the pack and were mostly mashed blueberry juice by the time i got off the mountain. the trail is that harsh and you are not idle in the saddle. i returned this time with an idea. two of the largest, empty water bottles i could squeeze into my frame plus two more bottles in my back jersey pockets.

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