Tuesday, July 22, 2008


wow. when old, cheap steel goes. it goes.

the monkey had it's last day of fat tires and offroad riding. the mood the last 30 minutes of my ride today was kinda when you know an old friend is suffering. i felt that way today. the monkey is just not what it used to be and though it heads to the woods as excited as a pup waiting to head out for a run in the woods. today was the last day.

i have known this was coming. i got a nice indy fab forkus for it last year to try to revitalize it a bit. i have always felt that karate monkeys should never have suspension forks on them. they just don't look right. the indy fab did a good job, but the front end was only a short lived fix. the whip was tired and on long rides it seemed to just "submit" and loose all responsiveness. i ordered the hunter. i never expected to have the monkey be the primary this season, but delays in delivery of the hunter forced it's hand.

i have a plan for the monkey. the original fork is going back on it. 700x38 kenda slick tires. the 6 inch rotor is going back on the front. i have a cross crank with a single 39 tooth ring and i think that the monkey will be an excellent winter commuter. 39x16 will get you up and down everything in eugene. disc brakes will keep the performance consistent.

...memories from our first ride. it's been fun.


David Hall said...

You miss Reasonover Creek as much as I do?

Scott said...

Dave. You have no idea...

Heard the wimin folk had fun in wine country. You going to Waterloo in August?

David Hall said...

yup- I'm a spic and span corporate bike shop guy now. But I refuse to wear the shop polo- they had to get me some dickies mechanic shirts made. Looking forward to WI though, should be cool.