Friday, November 23, 2007

true corkage

28 degrees and cool. thick frost on the grass and steaming off of the windshield on the idle pickup in the driveway. relief has come to the sore wrists along with corkage for the grips. old skool for sure. grant would appreciate my selection from what i'm told. i, personally, could give a shit whether he likes them or not.

ridgeline is full of mud and sticky pine needles. even a frozen earth can be a slick one when the frosty crust gives way. didn't realize how weak my abs were until i spent 75 minutes "catching" myself sliding through a mud filled run. i work on my core, but nothing that involves that dynamic a movement. this will be good prep for the nordic chronicles while my technique gets ironed out after a long time off the sticks.

read today that montrail is disbanding the bulk of their 80 plus member ultrarunning "team" and only sponsoring a select 15-20 athletes. i guess on one hand, another one bites the dust, on the other hand, the company was offering pro deals to the bulk of the team and over stipending another group of them. i think they are stepping back and being more select. there is alot of outrage and bullshit over this development. especially after what happened with the vasque team last year, but i think it's actually for the better. i think here in eugene with my group we have proven that a true team is not what your jersey says on race day, but rather in the trials of miles shared in getting ourselves to that starting line.
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