Wednesday, November 21, 2007


still viewing through bruised lids. cold is here. the 10th mountain division are at the shop getting a seasonal tune and new bindings. nordic enthusiasm is a buzz that is electric. weird white guy snow dances taking place all over town. these dances are being done with such desperate enthusiasm that even the lip bite is worked into the gyration.

motivation for the trail is very high right now. singletrack or snowtrack. two feet, two wheels or two sticks. to me, this is the best time of year to be an athlete. the weather for running is usually the right combination of cool and sunny. it's wool season on the bike, so wearing bib knickers with a fleece lining and wool jerseys are the way to go. nordic is non impact and can be nice blend of speed and aerobic work. plus, with this, measurable gains take place with every session. it's very exciting. i have some good plans for the winter. going to balance things out a good bit.

enough words for now. need to search for a lost playlist for 0j0.

link dump: words of the hammer, forbes, 1352 people for 350 slots

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