Monday, June 11, 2007


life is moving like a 9 speed cog. constantly in motion when pedaled, but the effort it takes to get from one task to the next requires different gears. moving along, trying to balance new responsibility on the job while hybernating my regular gig for the summer. running is sporadic and comes only when desired. sometimes the desire is there, but the clock is not kind to my affirmations. i have not run with a watch in 3 weeks and the liberation is tremendous. two wheels are a daily constant. i've only had 14 days this year where the bike was not involved in the day. i cannot say the same about the running shoes, but the role of the bicycle can meet many needs. read the immortal text of cool trav to gain perspective. he and pahlaniuk should have a beer and go sledding sometime. i think they would have a lot to talk about. travis rides daily, rode daily. it was recreation, it was work, it was therapy, it was bliss. it was wet, it was hot, it was polluted. it brought ecstacy, it brought pain. this is not a scratch and sniff, you have to experience to appreciate. i crack that text again with a different perspective in mind.

i offer my opinion on travis, i'll yang you with this guy. it's not, "take your pick", it's just that one pair of glasses does not wear the same on different faces.

tommorrow. day in the woods. trail shoes, cooler of sustinance, the monkey and a 68 degree sunny day.


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