Tuesday, June 12, 2007

crush groove

59 degrees. sunny, but shielded by spruce. started at clear lake on the mckenzie on two feet. new kicks are responsive and make you want to swerve back and forth to keep the tires warm under caution. waterfalls are vomiting with enough pressure to make the log bridges slimy like a limey. mistiness on the eyelashes like a carolina mountain dew. shake the cobwebs out and tune into the vibrations. ears seem clogged as i hear my breathing and heartbeat "within". wind joins me and we travel the path in sync rather than separate. the lava does nothing to slow me. the twists and drops just have putting the js-3's to the test. they respond like a wild mustang and i find myself to be the one holding them back from reaching their full potential. suggestions of a coach running through my head. do i or don't i? it doesn't matter. what's real is today and this moment. this movement. like gabrielle says, "the dogma of this dance". blue pool is a treat and a place to take stock. a few more midweek hookie players are floating the river and calling out as i pass them. sorry, i cannot accelerate your progress, talk to the water. dog on the 3rd raft looks like he wants to come along. i see him silently cussing his owners laziness. i think of pacer. wonder what his day could have been like were he here. gliding now as the trail smooths out. twists are reduced and another gentle squeeze of the trigger and the wind comes along. two stepped a creek crossing, up a rise and padded down. i strip myself down mentally and take away the outside noise and imagine a native on this path 200 years ago. his feet, the mindset of his movement. his speed. his connection with the natures path. ghost racing his spirit now. the trance is broken by pavement and a trail head sign. no watch, but it was faster than i have had the pleasure of running before. silent homage to the wind, the water and the ghost racer for the vibrations and the day. water, burrito, natty light. nap in the sun.
why can't i stay here?

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