Tuesday, May 8, 2007


for the existence.

now: 67 degrees at 9:05 pm.

then: ride in today was pretty uninspired and went largely unnoticed by my distracted mind. did not notice i was without jacket for the first time this year. did not notice the little fuzzy goslings following the mama's around on the willamette river. did not notice the cottony pollen falling from the trees and lining the path like clumps of cocaine in tony montana's mansion. did not notice muse streaming into my ears from my ipod. did not notice that i was drinking coffee without sugar until the second or third sip.

my mind is so clear. the silence was needed and appreciated. it was noticed. my last 11 days has had little solitude. lots of talking. lots of energy. lots of distraction. sponging up details of every little essence of the experience. questions verbalized. questions internalized. all distractions. did not crack my book at all.

now: silence. back on the bike seeking the veggie grande burrito and cerveza. taking notice of all that was left ignored and unappreciated on the morning commute. sustinance attained, to go. found a spot on the river where it was quiet enough to hear the water flow. silence. the 'glug' of the beer as the bottle is turned up. the sound of chewing. the sound of a napkin cleaning the guacamole off my cheek with 18 hours whisker growth. quality.

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