Monday, May 7, 2007


catching up from 10 days away is hard to do. i'll revisit a bit. this was by far some of the most satisfying training i have ever done. the theme was specificity. the gucci crew from eugene was full of experience and oozing advise that was taken and implemented and made the quality of the running just get better and better as the week went along.

heat. we had it. shirtless and sweating was how the west was won on this trip. s-caps were carried everywhere; used when needed and the body adapted and cooled itself quite well as the weekend wound down.

some words of the day: spunk bite: found on a chevron bathroom wall. fuck palace: trying to come up with phrases that would rhyme with pending baby name. sanctions: placed upon a market in forest hill, california.

themed runs: hawaiian shorts day: provided by thornley from his vast collection of mother in law provided gifts from a hawaiian running shop. 80's tank top day: think cotton. think richard simmons. think bare midriff cutoff. headband/wristband day: if you don't know, then never mind.

long strolls: 42 miles from roby point to the rucky chucky and back along the course. finishing at track. (no lap, though). 52 mile Ice Cream Sandwich Run (ICS). Cal 2 to swinging bridge at bottom of devils thumb and back to Cal 2. You stop in Forest Hill at 44 miles, eat an ice cream sandwich and do the dew before running the last part down to Cal 2 in under 75 minutes without throwing up the contents of your belly. 30 mile Robinson Flat to Michigan Bluff. canyons, canyons and more canyons.

misc: Lew Dogg came late because his wife is 8 months pregnant; so he arrived on saturday (4/28) in time to do the tempo run on Cal Street. his camp ended with a splash of embryotic fluid on the morning on may 4th, and concluded with alice lillian taylor on may 5th. conclusion: all that running and pounding will cause your wife to have your child 10 days early.

angels: both ladies begin with the letter L. they took care of us so well during this entire trip. shuttled us to drop off points for runs. always had the coffee going early. cooked great meals for us. more so, cleaned up after us during these great meals. met us on course with catered aid stations and always had a smile or ice cream bon bon surprises. endured poison oak. heat. crankiness. the digestive emissions of lord balls. the loud booming inside voice of AJW.

misc # 2: bilirubin is the lord of brownies. every day.

the experience was all it was hyped up to be and more. great to be joined for some runs by Gregorich, Ken W from Corvallis, AJW: I don't need no stinkin introductions. duff and the sister of lewdogg for a run, a sleep and drunken story time. trail work on the course one day with Tevis cup riders, WS runners. Catered trail work at that. mingling with both parties to find out we really think a lot alike. mutual respect gained, sweat, beer and swine formed a bond. DVD of karaoke from march trip to georgetown hotel will probably end up on youtube.

misc # 3: finally, thornley has the most alarming collection of tank tops on this earth. especially the two tone purple one...i don't mean singlets...tank tops.
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