Saturday, April 4, 2015


i don't remember much agony.

i was happy as fuck the entire day. i had a bib for states. i was healthy and running on my favorite trail. i was fortunate to have the support of good friends all day and a mindset of success. i remember being smart and patient. there is no story of an epic, scary fade or a crazy charge to the finish. yes, i was closing on karl, but that was a happy surprise that came late to me during the race. it felt good to spend the day so present in the moment that i was never aware of how close to that top 10 we were until really late in the day.

my M11 will always be a happy memory for me. sure, we "what if'd" but we all know it's mental masturbation when it's all said and done. i ran a haggin cup race on the 2nd hottest day in the history of the event on a few months of training. it still makes me smile when i think about it.

in the end, i ended up being lucky enough to run again in 2014. my goal was to beat 2-3 runners who were ahead of me in 2013 and run a faster time while still keeping that haggin cup mindset. all of those goals were accomplished, beating the M6, M10 and F1 from 2013 and not losing to anyone who i beat in 2013 and 38 minutes faster, at that. sure, it placed me M20 instead of M11, but more importantly i was 100 miles closer to that 1000 mile buckle that is my single biggest goal as an athlete. plus, i got to perform on our sports grandest stage. as for M11 in 2013, it seems like LB sums up the day quite well with his comment at the end of this video. for those of you with tickets to dance this year, enjoy the ride.

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