Tuesday, July 22, 2014

delirium tremens

returning from california and heading right into a very intensive summer of work has left me a little emotionally and mentally shell shocked. that, plus all the race reports i've read kinda sound the same. so i'll render some smattering fidgits in lieu of documentation for the time being on the 2014 western states 100

for the second consecutive year i have finished F2. last year pam beat me by 15 minutes, this year steph got me by 16 minutes. clearly i'm slipping in my old age

sadly, the twietstache was replaced with several runners showing up in squaw honoring borat, or captain jack sparrow. maybe they were all just honoring the original grand slammer, tom green, who had the best moustache and finishing moment of the entire weekend.

those foreign cats take western states as seriously as folks from the american river canyon. turns out, the event is known outside of the state of california.

with all of the well deserved attention that mill valley, california got for the performances of its runners at the race this year. i have just one little overlooked tidbit to throw in. since 2007; oregon: 6 california: 0

the grey beater is the taproom cap of 2014

michigan bluff remains the cooperstown of our sport on race day. 

lost in a drowned out philosophical quote that was taking far too long to recite was the fact that gordy might be starting his last western states. time waits for nobody.

10. the number of times since 2000 that my time would have placed me in the top 10 at western states. this year, it placed me in the reverse order of my bib number.  (that's 21st for those of you observing from observation peak)

channel your inner tropical john and say these words; "monkeyboy was paced by boner in sweat pants and the former king of cool." yes, i found my lewis and we are finally friends for life

it was nice to read a bunch of finisher reports this year instead of DNF reports. i think this may have as much to do with who wasn't in the race as it did with who was.
our sport is truly one of entertainment. prediction contests, lotteries. strava, social media, photographic and video documentation and access to athletes and information on an unprecedented level. that said, nothing beats the one on one interaction between athlete and volunteers before, during and after the event. i appreciate that the spotlight shines brightly on our sports best, but for me, my highlight reel plays out in the smiling faces of people who helped us all along the way. volunteers, crew members, pacers, starters, finishers and race staff; thank you for giving me your best so that i could give you mine.
finally...that look on ajw's face 10 steps from the finish line is one i'll never, ever forget. congratulations, my friend

escarpment (photo by gold country run)

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