Sunday, April 8, 2012


i wanted to get back into the fold, this year.

being relegated to the fringe, for one reason or another, was not an comfortable place to linger. to get there, i needed to start by being honest with myself and also, patient. by chance, an exchange of emails with a aged sage and former co-hort on the path that dreamers take, i came away with some faith in myself, and also, i was reminded that i was "owed" nothing. i had to get clean of a lot of baggage. some of that baggage, was expectation.

so how to balance? the plan of having no plan. just do. physically, i needed a beginners mind. that's right. physically, i needed a beginners mind. i chose to go backwards, so i could earn my wisdom with actions, rather than, words. keeping accountable, without any expectation other than to be true to myself and listen.

dig it, man. quality is where it's at. i'm excited to pack. feel anticipation. see old faces and new ones. i'm excited to experience, rather than, read about. be within myself in a mass of hundreds, but share a pathway and a destination. i'm eager to get answers to questions.

step out of the fringe, and merge forth with the fold and see where my place is on the day, as i now am.

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