Sunday, October 16, 2011

fall on the mckenzie

not a lot of words with this one. i'll let the photos speak for themselves. i've spent the last two weekends trying to form a big callous and came out of it all a bit trashed, physically. i needed a mental health day while still respecting the physical demands of the task at hand. plus, i really dig running this trail on foot. two wheels, your too busy watching for what little rooty surprise that is around the next bend. much easier to make like the river and just flow. plus, i've missed running here. i used to spend a lot of time on this trail working on my relationship with myself and the flow of it all. there is nothing a few hours on this trail won't fix.

wore the bright orange adios out of respect to huntin season. 3 plus hours alone and rarely saw anyone after i got below clear lake. the only bummer of the day was not being able to take my beer out by the hot springs while i soaked, post run. i'll remember the flask, next time. how are the colors in your neck of the woods?

oh, and the irony of this post, considering my last one, is not lost on me. cheers, though.

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