Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(photo by the lead singer of loverboy)

headlamp pickup. desert sunrise at 75 mph. warning ticket. gas and breakfast in the year 1973. yakima fog storm. wind, snow and chocolate milk. seattle rain, as expected and lunchtime beer and fish in anacortes. ferry to orcas and got tacked by krissy, but reversed it to score the pin fall. catching up with old and making new friends. shuttle ride with a bunch of hens. leisure suit shirt selection. water, beer, brownies and salad. collapse into big bertha and sleep. wake up. forget how to get ready to race. squeeze out a dump and head to the line...without chemicals in my system. roadie lead out and crappy legs. found the flow and started to move. got lost. got found. relaxed and remembered not to take this shit too seriously. just run. kept catching people until eventually i passed under a banner telling me to stop. gucci crew represented. stoked for padre and special k. ultragen, wool and down to recover. beer and soup while watching the others roll in. cold shower. dinner. birthday party. lower tavern juke box. hulu hoops. flannel and townies. good nights sleep and early rise. retrace route home with big breakfast and more stops to unfold myself from the car seat. drop off bronco in the crater. try to sleep it all off.

you can see the fruits of your weekend just by simply unpacking and sorting your dirty laundry. every crumpled piece of clothing is connected to a memory. it's been 19 months since i pinned on the number. i almost forgot how to do this. it was good to feel those nervous goosebumps again.
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