Monday, January 17, 2011


she could have a self promoting blog about her stance on eating, minimalist shoes, money within the sport or a boring training log telling everyone about the miles she ran each day. she could have gone to races that suited her strengths instead of spreading her experiences out over all the disciplines within, and outside of, her sport. she chose to be challenged. she chose to live. she did so while experiencing someone close to her lose his battle with a terminal disease. she lived this past year with the grace and excitement that she raced with all year long.

she was montrail ultra cup champion. she qualified for the olympic marathon trials at 49 years old. she finished 2nd at the western states 100. she won the us 100K championships on the road. she finished 5th in the world at the same discipline at the world cup 100k in gibraltar. she won ice age, white river, waldo and mckenzie. two of those were usatf championships. she logged miles. she did trail work. she volunteered at races. she shared her smile and her knowledge with everyone around her and motivated and inspired us with every race she ran this past year.

i know all of this because i know her. she's a friend. i didn't have a vote. i had something better, i had the chance to share miles. smiles. ups. downs. laughter. tears. pain. elation. experiences.

so proud of you, GM. your the UROY in my book.


Meghan said...

Wow Scott. Thank you so much. I am very, very touched by your words. I hope I can continue to race well, but I guarantee I will attempt to uphold all the other aspects of this running-life, regardless.

Humbly yours,

Craig Thornley said...

Well said, Monkeyboy.