Tuesday, January 5, 2010


eat like your poor and smile often. respect the local beer and enjoy the freshly caught pescado whenever you can. run shirtless and sockless and don't set an alarm. making friends with folks who don't speak your language, but don't seem to mind that you don't speak theirs, either. realize that juan valdez has become the starbucks of colombia and avoid at all costs. accept a piece of tin foil as the "lid" for your coffee cup. look both ways because they aren't looking for you. smack yourself to see if you have died and gone to donkey heaven. go to parties that feature african dance and mariachi's. hugs. wisdom. guidance and knowledge. history of battles won and lost. 3 wheeled, pedaled, coaster brake'd rolling businesses that will sell you lunch cooked right in between the wheel wells. love. fireworks. good scotch and a new year. lucha libre with a moustache and a tuxedo...yep.

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