Friday, June 12, 2009


one of them kinda nights. morrissey on vinyl. grainy. warm tea with a beer chaser.

looking at my garden and how healthy everything seems to be growing. they look so small in the little flats when we start them, then they just explode. id love to claim lotsa love, but it's ironic what a little neglect can do. it's truly my little garden.

just like the countdown to the journey is in affect, the tour divide is all set to take off from banff to antelope wells. if ever there was another race i'd love to enter...this just might be the one. the divide trail on two brainer. that said, i can't imagine what sort of gruesome twosome might develop in the nether regions with that much time in the saddle.

david husselhoff has made an impression. band of horses at the mac, september it. my yonder mountain carolina brethren, i hope you take advantage of your chance to see them at the peel on the 16th of this month. beg, borrow and steal those tickets. you will not be sorry. word is, subcommandante is working the door and has prepared himself by washing his headband.

on another note. heat prep for states has included some extended sessions in the sauna. i have a membership to a swanky athletic club here in town where all the olympians go. since i'm not an olympian, i don't. i did one session in the sauna there. walked in on 6 dudes sitting in silence, sweating. i'm cool with this. i accidentally let one slip out on burrito wednesday and they all got up en masse and departed despite my "excuse me". shit happens. so, anyway. upon suggestion from tapeworm and lord balls i have been plunking down 7 bucks a session for the cultural experience that is known as the eugene ymca. 3 sessions and we already have nicknames for most of the characters on board. ludes. burn notice. shogun. the "y" is truly come on, come all and believe me, it's like sitting at the bus station and people watching for 2 hours. you get it all. i think someone in our group looks like doctor phil because fuckers come through the door and start with the life stories unsolicited like you've never seen before. i can tell you all about ludes and his branchchainaminos, speedballing while fighting fires in northern california and taking steroids and hgh while wearing a nicorette patch on the roof of his mouth to curb his craving for cigarettes. wanna cut costs? for less than a cost of a cup of coffee and a scone, you can get more entertainment than anything you could possibly find on cable. just go sit in the sweat lodge known as your sauna at your local ymca. hopefully your entertainment is up to par.

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