Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pause (108)

coffee, blue grass and dash lights. loaded the whip under the cover of darkness with a plan to catch some fresh pow pow up at the pass. shriek of the kettle for the chemicals caused a sleepy head raising from the kitty, other than that, escaped with the bombshell in tow. sleet first, then snow before we even got to the res. quiet tones and careful driving. making early tracks on the roads as the sun started to rise showed me we would be one of the first. blew through two towns not yet awake and i knew it was on. up the lift i managed to start my day off by snagging my jacket on the lift chair during dismount. i got low scores for the crash landing, but went on undeterred. the float of freshies on the new board took a moment to get used to, but soon it settled in. Got in a solid few hours before others helped the slopes get tracked out. found several pockets to carve shin deep and then boosted out onto the groomers for some high speed quad tenderizing. sun and snow flurries the entire day, another gift from mother nature on our little hill.

Post Mountain found me in town for continuation of a beautiful sunny winter day. Temp was 38 but not a cloud in sight. shoes and funny hats for a run around town with friends both local and afar. gentle banter and footfalls. "what if's" and "what the fucks". it's amazing to me how easy a couple of hours can pass on foot.
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AJW said...


"Everything counts in large amounts...

It's an incredible world."

We'll miss you at the G'Town