Friday, June 6, 2008

tuba gooding jr.

misfires and miscommunication. this shot turns up on my email not long after the feet have warmed back up and the hot chocolate is deep within the belly. the falcon was incognito and deep within the spectacle battling armpit and a terrible contact buzz from marley's opening act. i was chilled out on the hillside with the bombshell, burrito and beer. dick 3000 family was a DNS due to it goes.

falcon says his new favorite is tuba gooding jr. "when was the last time you saw a fucking tuba at a hip hop show!!"

indeed. the show itself was typical of the legendary roots crew. in a word: stunning. can you believe the ride home last night was done with temps in the 40's? I saw my breath and was two jackets deep and still cold. where am i?

good to see the youths out handling valet bicycle parking. wry smiles and neck pops. late nights and hustle when the gates vomited out their contents following the conclusion. probably the safest place you can store your bike in eugene when this crew is on the scene.
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